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Each year International Services selects exceptional international students to lead as International Peer Mentors. Undergraduate and graduate students are selected and paired with new international student mentees. Our mentors are each unique and diverse in their own way, studying various majors and coming from countries all over the world.


The International Peer Mentor Program supports the adjustment of new students studying at Adelphi University. This program strives to provide opportunities to welcome, introduce and connect new students with university services and traditions in an effort to assist with the cultural adjustment experienced.


  • Create opportunities to engage new international students into inclusive opportunities and experiences in an effort to assist with personal adjustment and connection to Adelphi University.

  • Provide volunteer leadership opportunities for engaged student leaders who wish to contribute to the overall student success of the international student experience at Adelphi University.  

Program Overview

The peer mentor program is designed to support and encourage student adjustment by providing a diverse and inclusive environment for new international students who may experience culture shock, homesickness, and have trouble building new support systems in the United States. This program is designed to welcome, inspire, and connect new first year students with the larger university community. Through this program, international student leaders serve as volunteers who provide relevant information regarding campus life which includes: involvement, social opportunities, campus initiatives, and support to aide in the transition both inside and outside of the classroom. It is a great opportunity for students to develop their individual decision making style, soft skills, and to build confidence.

Meet Our Team

Jian Chen
Graduate MBA Student from China
Anticipated Graduation: May 2020
Languages Spoken: Chinese and English

Jian Chen is a graduate student in MBA specialization in Accounting at the University of Adelphi and will graduate in May 2020. She is from China and she can speak Chinese and English. Her favorite quote is “flowers need time to bloom, so do you.” Being one of the mentors 2019-2020, she would like to help someone and give her perspectives while listening and learning from others

Joanna (Fujing) Xu 
Graduate Social Work Student from China
Anticipated Graduation: May 2020
Languages Spoken: Chinese and English

Joanna has a special talent for bringing out the best in others. She believes in giving love and support. She is focused on understanding, supporting, and encouraging others. She is a qualified intermediate tea specialist and leadership certificate holder issued by Adelphi University. Joanna is from Beijing, China which is an international and cultural city. She would like to introduce Chinese traditional culture to everybody.

Damien (Woo Jong) Kim 
Graduate Global MBA Student from South Korea
Anticipating Graduation: Summer 2019
Languages Spoken: Korean and English

Damien Kim is majoring in Sales Promotion and completing his Masters in Business Administration. He is from Korea and can speak Korean and English. He also studies Spanish. His interests include learning new languages, watching movies, working out, and volunteering. His motto is R=VD. It means realization equal to a vivid dream. When he worked at a company, his boss said he is not the best but he is always ready to learn. Likewise, He will be ready for sharing his experiences with you and learning from you. He is excited to be able to meet all of you, and to be able to make your experience at Adelphi more memorable!

Lexi (Liang) Yan
Graduate MBA Student from China 
Anticipated Graduation: May 2020
Languages Spoken: Chinese and English  

Lexi Yan is an MBA Marketing student. Her hometown is Beijing, China. She likes music, and she also plays the piano. She is a fun-loving person who is always up for helping others! If you want to explore the campus she is the right person for you

Sihsas (Ashis) Maloo
Graduate Finance Student from India
Anticipated Graduation: May 2020
Languages Spoken: Hindi, Nepali and English

Ashis (Sihsa) is a Finance Major and he is from India. He came to Adelphi University in the Spring of 2017. He loves the world of Finance and is always on top of Financial news and happenings around the world. If you need help in any field or ever need a listening ear, then come join in on a coffee with him. He was an international student who knew nothing: If he can; anyone can so reach out. He has worked on campus in various departments and is an IT Endpoint Technician today. He’s also had the opportunity to intern in a public company in the summer (2019) and has built his resume through participation and involvement. As a mentor, he is here to guide you and be with you in all your endeavors. Fun fact: He is a vegetarian. He likes to meet new people and get to know them. In his leisure time, he likes to read books and play soccer.

Martina Tecce Martina
Undergraduate Spanish Student from Italy
Anticipated Graduation: May 2020 
Languages Spoken: Italian, English and Spanish

Martina is a senior international student from Italy. Her major is Spanish and she is also currently pursuing a minor in Human Resource Management. She has a few jobs on campus so you might meet her during Admissions events, PAC shows or swiping your ID card at the gym! In her free time, she likes to explore new places, watching Netflix and eat! She is looking forward to grabbing a bite with you. She knows all the best pizza places around here! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to her during the year if you have any questions or if you simply need to talk to someone. Having been in the US for quite a while now, she will be able to give you advice on how to adjust to your new American life and have the best experience at Adelphi both academically and socially.

Jennifer (Hoang) Thuy
Undergraduate Management Student from Vietnam
Anticipated Graduation: May 2020
Languages Spoken: Vietnamese and English

Jennifer is currently a senior, majoring in Management at Adelphi University. She comes from Vietnam. Being one of the mentors in the 2019-2020 academic year, Jennifer wants to share her personal experiences with incoming students. She loves to meet and connect with new friends to find interests and explode things. Jennifer’s interests include playing sports, dancing, traveling, and volunteering. She is looking for a group that has the same hobbies to create a beautiful journey at Adelphi with her. Please feel free to ask Jennifer any concerns about cultural adjustment, major interests, campus resources, or how to get involved on campus. She is very excited to share and meet all of the new international students.

Chloe (Hyeji) Yoo
Undergraduate Theatre Art: Design/ Technology Student
Anticipated Graduation: May 2022
Languages Spoken: English, Korean

Hello, Chloe is a Sophomore student at Adelphi University. Her major is Theatre art: design/ tech and a focus in stage management. She is from Seoul, South Korea. She likes to make new friends and communicate with new people. She suggests that If you actively engaging in different kinds of activities on campus, you will be able to have more opportunities to meet new people from diverse backgrounds and cultures and build a close relationship with them. When she has free time, she watches movies and play sports. She likes to watch classic movies. Her favorite genre is romance and comedy. Also, her hobby is traveling and clicking photos. She likes to go to new places, meet new people and communicate with local people. It is fun and exciting. She is glad to be your mentor. If new students have any questions, she is always there to help and answer you. Welcome to Adelphi! She hopes new AUI students make a great experience at Adelphi University.

Hui Meng
Graduate MBA Student
Anticipated Graduation: December,2020
Languages Spoken: Chinese and English

Hui Meng is a first-year MBA student who’s majoring in management, he comes from China, and he can speak both English and Chinese. His interests and hobbies are playing basketball, singing and watching movies, he likes to eat sweets, likes to make new friends. As a cheerful person, he likes to help all kinds of questions around campus. Even though he is not a professional yet, he likes to share all he knows inside of campus or outside of campus. Do not be shy to ask any question to him, he will do what he can to help international students to solve problems. He sincerely hopes that all international students will have a good experience at Adelphi University and he is very happy to be a mentor for international students.

Osama Fadan
Graduate Supply Chain Management Student
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2020
Languages Spoken: Arabic and English

Osama Fadan is an international student mentor who studies MS in Supply Chain Management, Robert B. Willumstad School of Business. Osama is one of the friendliest mentors who aspired to help the new students with all they want to know about Adelphi’s facilities and services to get them well prepared to go on their exciteful journey at Adelphi. However, Osama is a graduate student from Saudi Arabia and Arabic is his native language. Always feel free to approach him whenever you spot him on campus.

Adhya Giri
Undergraduate Psychology Student
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2022
Languages Spoken: English, Nepali, Hindi

Adhya Giri is a first-year undergraduate student majoring in psychology. She is expected to be graduating in May 2022. She is from Nepal and can speak in Nepali, English, and Hindi. She is a new member of the International services who is excited to help anyone around campus, to figure things out; questions and confusions included. Adhya, being a first-year student herself, knows that changes can be overwhelming and difficult to adapt to, which is why she has volunteered to be an international mentor to help ease the process. She is a proud Gryffindor and has an interest in creative writing, art, and music. She enjoys binge-watching series and loves sharing memes. She is very approachable so feel free to say hi or wave at her whenever you see her.

Akosua OkoampahAkosua Okoampah
Undergraduate Neuroscience Student from Ghana
Anticipated Graduation: May 2021
Languages Spoken: English

Akosua Okoampah is an undergraduate student studying neuroscience at Adelphi University and will graduate in May 2021. She is from Ghana and loves working out. Her favorite quote is “A concentrated man is never disturbed.” Being one of the mentors 2019-2020, she would like to help incoming students navigate their way through Adelphi and NYC as a whole and also be the friend that every first-year student needs.  

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