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International Services

On-Campus Employment

F-1 students are permitted to work part-time on the premises of the school that issued their current valid I-20, with the school as the employer, while they are attending that school and maintaining their F-1 status. On-campus employment is specific to work that takes place on campus or at an off-campus location that is affiliated with the school

On Campus Employment Requirements and Limitations

  • F-1 students maintaining valid status are eligible to work part-time on campus 
  • Students are restricted in the amount of 20 hours per week while school is in session and up to 27 hours per week (institutional policy), or 40 hours per week (USCIS policy) when school is not in session or during the annual vacation. On-campus employment is allowed in AUI, University Bookstore, and Adelphi Dining
  • Initial entry students cannot begin work more than 30 days before classes start
  • An F-1 student may not engage in on-campus employment after completing a course of study, except employment for practical training as authorized under paragraph (f)(10) of this section.
  • In the case of a transfer in SEVIS, the student may only engage in on-campus employment at the school having jurisdiction over the student’s SEVIS record.
  • The number of hours per week international students are eligible to work are a combination of all on campus employment including teaching assistantships (TA), graduate assistantships (GA), residence assistants (RA) and hourly positions.

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Steps for On-Campus Employment

Regulatory guidance, advisement and understanding of regulatory and University policy

  • Provided by International Services

Job search assistance and process

  • Provided by the Center for Career and Professional Development

Employment offer and hiring process

  • Provided by the individual hiring office

Application for social security number, if relevant

  • Provided by International Services

Completion of necessary tax forms through Windstar / FNIS

  • Provided by International Services

Review of Tax Forms through Windstar / FNIS

  • Provided by Payroll Office

Completion of human resources required documents

  • Provided by Human Resources

Additional Information

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